So full disclosure…I’m one of those people who is pretty much always cold. Until I’m like sweating like crazy. Basically, I’m rarely at a balanced or comfortable temperature, haha. That’s why it’s so important for me to find those perfect light jackets in the spring. Otherwise I’m the girl that’s freezing in the shade and burning up in the sun. Maybe I’m not drinking enough water? Eh. IDK.¬†The point is, I found the jacket!

Today I’m rocking my favorite new blush jacket and stripes tank top. I know blush is pretty much having a moment right now, but I’m totally on the bandwagon. This lightweight blush jacket is giving me serious spring vibes with the color and all sorts of keeping me from freezing my butt off while trying to sit on a patio for brunch vibes.

It’s one of those utility style jackets that seems to be very “in” right now. It’s got the zipper, and buttons, and like a thousand pockets (I use them all) and a drawstring at the waist on the inside of the jacket. I used to never understand that thing, but now I love it. Basically, I like my spring jackets loose. I want them to feel breezy and comfortable, but I also don’t want to look like a potato (awww…thanks for noticing that I looked like a cute blush potato)

Anyway, the string helps give some definition to your waist, allowing you to wear the cozy jacket without loosing your shape (and becoming a potato, duh.) There is one at the bottom of the jacket, too, but TBH…I still don’t get that one.

I layered the pretty blush jacket over this striped tank top. I’ve been trying to add more “basics” to my closet, but it never seems to work. I always like something to have a twist or just something playful. For me, that’s the pretty pattern on this tank. It’s neutral colors and a great cut, making it the perfect closet basic/staple, but the subtle pattern mixing within the tank is what really drew me to it. It’s that playful spin that I need and love in a good clothing piece.

So moment of truth here… is anyone else a temperature¬†weido like me, too?¬†

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