Wow. I cannot believe it has been almost ONE YEAR since I wrote a Boss Babe Bookclub post. Can you believe that?? Don’t get me wrong, I never stopped reading, but 2017…just got away from me. It was a pretty crazy year between opening XO Marshmallow’s physical cafe (the world’s first marshmallow cafe!) to opening a second Boss Babe Popup Shop to growing The Trendy Sparrow’s clothing offerings and more. But that’s all a story for another day, and might even require multiple blog posts. The point is… I’m back! I’m back to blogging, and hopefully in a big way. And by big way, I mainly mean blogging consistently and often.

I recently put it to a vote on my Trendy Sparrow Instagram whether or not you’d all like to see me blogging again, and the resounding answer was yes, and the majority of private DMs I got all said the same thing… BRING BACK THE BOOKCLUB! So it only makes sense that my first blog post of 2018 be a new boss babe book club selection.

Without further ado, the February Boss Babe Book Club selection is…. Capital Gaines by Chip Gaines!

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If you joined me for the January 2017 Boss Babe Book Club selection of The Magnolia Story, then you already know I’m a huge fan of Fixer Upper and the Gaines’. I so deeply enjoyed their first book/story, that when I found out Chip wrote his own book, Capital Gaines, I knew I had to read it! What better book to start 2018 with than one written by a real estate, hospitality, home decor, and reality tv mogul! Talk about doing it all!

So what is Capital Gaines about?

According to Amazon…

The funny and talented Chip Gaines is well known to millions of people as a TV star, renovation expert, bestselling author, husband to Joanna, and father of four in Waco, Texas. But long before the world took notice, Chip was a serial entrepreneur who was always ready for the next challenge, even if it didn’t quite work out as planned. Whether it was buying a neighborhood laundromat or talking a bank into a loan for some equipment to start a lawn-mowing service, Chip always knew that the most important thing was to take that first step.

Now a #1 New York Times bestselling book, Capital Gaines offers readers a ringside seat as Chip relives some of his craziest antics and the lessons learned along the way. His mentors taught him to never give up and his family showed him what it meant to always have a positive attitude despite your circumstances. Throw in a natural daredevil personality and a willingness to do (or eat!) just about anything, and you have the life and daily activity of Chip Gaines.

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