The world needs your voice, so stop trying to fit someone else’s idea of who you are.”

-Danielle Henderson-


Hi gals!  I’m Amy of The Trendy Reader and I am so excited to be guest-posting here on The Trendy Sparrow for the March Boss Babe Book Club!

Let me start by just saying, WOW.  This month’s BBBC selection is jam-packed with things to talk about.  In the Company of Women has been like my own personal motivator, therapist, and inspirational speaker for the past few weeks, and I am honored to be able to share my thoughts with all of you lovely boss babes who read along.  Grace Bonney, founder of Design*Sponge, is the driving force behind this amazing collection of interviews with women who have worked hard to achieve their goals.  Her interview questions go beyond surface-level chit-chat and really get at the hearts of these women, inviting them to share their stories and messages so that others may experience the success that they have.   I like the fact that she uses a lot of the same questions in all of the interviews, but that she also mixes it up and also asks questions that are unique to the woman being interviewed.  Some of my favorite responses came from the questions, “What does success mean to you?” and “Name a woman (or women), past or present, whom you admire or look up to.”  I love the diversity of answers from all of the women to these particular questions, and I found myself feverishly writing down a million words of wisdom in my notebook as I read them.  I obvs also love the question about a quotation or saying that inspires or motivates.  Again, pretty much filled my notebook up with inspirational quotes.

We can’t fully discuss this book without talking about its amaaaazing layout.  What I love about this book (among other things) are the colorful, beautifully-detailed photographs, and the way the interviews are creatively laid out amongst those photos and large, block quotations, making each woman’s story pop with an inspirational vibrancy. Similarly, the artistry and illustration liberties that some of the women showcase in their responses is simply remarkable.  I feel happier just picking this book up and flipping through its pages.


While it is hard to pick a favorite after reading so many tales of passion and creativity, there were a few interviews in the book that stood out among the rest.  I loved Sarah Neuburger’s unique responses to the questions asked of her.  Her quotes, drawings, and little cartoons were so funny and so TRUE!  I feel like her down-to-earthness (just go with it) really connects with readers.  I am also a huge fan of Roxane Gay, so I enjoyed reading her interview.  She has one response where she talks about her “person,” saying that “My success can be attributed to my hard work and ambition and the support of my person, who is always there, giving me what I need, whether it is a pep talk, a warm smile, or a sharp lecture on getting over myself.”  I love her honesty and realness here.  A few other favs include Joy Cho, Christy Turlington Burns, and Jasmine Wright.  You go girls.

This book will catapult “Chase Dreams” to the top of your to-do list and make you feel like anything is possible—because it is!  If I’ve learned anything from these women, it’s to not let anyone or anything stand between you and what you want.  I read this article recently about not having any more “Zero Days,” and this book definitely echoes that sentiment.  Get out there, gals!  Dream big and don’t stop believing (cue Journey) that YOU matter and that your work matters.   It’s been an amazing month of celebrating women through the BBBC; thanks for reading along!  xo – Amy


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