If you’re a total boss babe who loves to read and connect with other total bosses like yourself, then I would like to officially invite you to the Boss Babe Book Club!

The BBBC began in April 2015 because I was getting a lot of questions from fellow entrepreneurs, bloggers, and all around #girlbosses about what sort of books I like to read to help me stay motivated and find inspiration. I was always happy to share my current reads, but I felt so limited when discussing my thoughts on the book via social media (usually instagram). So that got me thinking…we should have a book club!

This way both myself and others can discuss the books through the post and comments section. Plus we can all read the same book at the same time, to help create a sense of community to inspire each other and stay connected!

Unlike other book clubs, this one has a dedicated theme: entrepreneurial/motivational type books for boss babes (preferably written by women…but not always!).
It only seemed fitting that we dub this club the

Boss Babe Book Club!

Sound like something you would be interested in? Awesome! Joining is SUPER EASY!

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How to Join:

1) Click the “boss babe book club” menu tab and find out what book we are reading this month
2) Buy and/or borrow the book!
3) Read the book!
4) Come back on discussion day and post your thoughts on the book in the comments section of the discussion post.
5) Start all over the next month! 
That’s it. I hope you will be able to join us for our next read! If you do, let’s get social about it! Tag your photos of you participating in the book club using the hashtag #bossbabebookclub!
always full of moxie, Lindzi (Lindzi's signature)