Now that it’s already been almost 6 months since we got engaged, I’m excited to finally getting around to telling the story of our engagement. I’m not sure why it took me so long. It could be because I’ve been incredibly busy. Maybe it’s because so many people asked the story that I felt like I was retelling it all the time. Or maybe it’s due to the fact that even though I run a blog and 2 businesses, I’m a surprisingly shy and private person. Either way, I’m so excited to finally share with you all our engagement story because it’s so very us.

I know what you’re probably thinking…oh lawrd, it’s another Christmas engagement story. Blah, blah, blah. Well, my darling, you are so wrong. This wasn’t on Christmas. Heck, it wasn’t even in December. This day for me started like many of my days…filled with a ton of craziness for running my company, The Trendy Sparrow. You see, it was November 14th and it was the day of my holiday lookbook photoshoot. We do a big holiday lookbook shoot every year that involves lots of models and some fabulous photos of the new arrivals for the holiday season.

A few weeks before this massive day, Drew (see his blog, too), asked me if he could come help. He’s always doing things like this, coming to shoots, helping to build popups, packing up orders…anything he can do to help my business grow. It’s one of the things I love about him the most — he’s so supportive and always pushing me to do more. So, it wasn’t out of the ordinary to me to have him tagging along on the shoot.

Similarly, my very best friend (and future maid of honor), Brittany, ask if she could fly up from Texas to Chicago to help with the shoot, too. I know what you’re thinking…RED FLAG! It was so obvious! Wrong again! She, too, is always doing amazing things like this for me — flying up just to help, and she always comes up around November so it wasn’t a shock to me. Also…it’s important to keep in mind that I’m pretty locked in on work as well. When work is going on during these kinds of shoots, I tend to not think about anything else.

The day of the shoot everything was set. We packed up the tree, decorations, and had all of the models, photographer, and clothing ready to go. Just as we were about to walk out of the door, Drew asks, “Hey baby…what if I bring a suit? That way you can use me in photos, and if we have enough time, maybe Michelle (my photographer) can take some Christmas card photos for us to send out.” Makes total sense. I’m in work mode. Sure baby, go for it.

The shoot went on like normal. Me running around like crazy trying to get everyone in hair and makeup, changing them from one outfit to the next. “No this is the Christmas morning look, okay now it’s time for the Christmas party scene.” Business as usual. All the while, my best friend kept saying “Slow down. Get your hair and makeup done, too, so you two can take photos”. Me: “Oh sure, sure, if there is time.” And back to work I went. All day I was so stubborn. I kept refusing to get my hair and makeup done because it was all about the models. Finally, she convinced me and I got all “prettyfied”.

The photoshoot was coming to an end, and we were losing daylight, so I asked another model to take some photos for us — so my photographer could get the last shots of the models. But my photographer insisted on taking our Christmas card photos. Drew was all snazzied up in the suit he brought, and we were posing for our cards, and I was acting like a goober as usual. I was sticking my tongue out at the camera and making noises like “ewww, I don’t what to take photos with this guy”. Just being silly.

I tried to walk away after a few photos so we could get back to work, but Drew grabbed my hand to stop me. I looked over, and there he was. Right there on one knee. I couldn’t believe it. I was still so in work mode, that it never even occurred to me that this would happen. I wish I could tell you some magical story about what he said to me, but I honestly don’t remember anything he said. I don’t think I even gave him a chance to speak. I went straight into the “YES!” and the nonstop giggles.

As it turned out, this was all an elaborate set up that had been in the works for months. My best friend coming into town, Drew coming to the photoshoot. Heck, even my photographer was already in on it; which is why she insisted on taking the photos. The plan was that I would have the opportunity to get all glammed up, get professional photos, and if he did it while I was working I would be none the wiser. He certainly knows me well. He even made sure my nails were painted for photos. He thought of everything. And he’s my everything.

And after it was over? I went straight back into work mode. We finished up the last shots and the models left. Like I said, I’m pretty shy and often don’t like sharing too much of my personal life, so I needed some time to breathe. I wanted Drew and I to have a few moments of peace. We were shooting right by the zoo in Chicago, which is completely free. It’s one of our favorite places to go, and Chicago was having one of those rare 75 degree late November days. We decided to walk through the zoo, just spending time with one another. We went to the penguin exhibit because they mate for life, and there we stood — watching these adorable creatures swim around and love one another.

It was a perfect day because it was so us. Stay tuned as I post more about our engagement and upcoming wedding. It’s a long engagement so there is plenty to post!

**All Photos Taken by Michelle Cox Photography**

always full of moxie, Lindzi (Lindzi's signature)